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"I just wanted to thank-you once again. You really made a difference for me.  My spirit is alive again.  You helped me to bounce back. I will do what you suggested in the art of excavating my essence"
GS (Monterey, Ca)


"Gabrielle, that was simply amazing- I can't wait for our next session! You're a Beautiful soul, Dr. Mancuso... inside & out"
RL (Carmel Valley, Ca)


"The session with you was incredible. I truly felt "myself" yesterday. It has been a long long time."
CB (Calistoga, Ca)


"Gabrielle, I ran across two people who worked with you and they raved about their sessions. They said you were amazing.  I am so glad I got the opportunity yesterday to experience it myself.  I loved the session, I can't wait for our next time.  Life changing". 
VF (Carmel-By-The-Sea, Ca)


"Gabrielle, I can not get over how wonderful you were during the process of my husband and I learning how to naturally give birth to my son.  I was painfree and Doug and I had the most amazing birth one could ever imagine.  Our new son Zach is perfect.  We are very grateful.  I will recommend HypnoBirthing to everyone.  Thank you again and again".  
DK (.Los Altos, Ca)


"During our sessions where we changed the "outcome" of several traumas I suffered in my childhood and adult life.  You'd mentioned that sometimes the change not only affects the person in session that you are working with,  but it causes changes for others involved too.  Well yesterday, I was talking to my eldest sister about a book we're reading "The Duck with a Human Mind".  It's about carrying the past, thoughts and emotions and how we can stop adding to the pain body we already have, it's also about breaking  the habit of accumulating and perpetuating old emotion by flapping our wings metaphorically.. like a duck.  We started speaking about visualizing an event or "your story" differently than what it was and the positive impact that can have.  We were both talking about how our perceptions can be changed and "our stories" would be different, when she suddenly brought up the time I was burned and how she used to be haunted by my screams through the years and could never get my voice out of her head.  She said that about a year ago, it suddenly stopped and she felt such relief that she'd finally gotten past it. As we both tried to determine exactly when that was, it turns out it was exactly a year ago when I was in session with you !! Remember?  We'd worked on me releasing that pain.  I shared the experience of that session with her.  She was amazed. Gabrielle, you have a beautiful gift of caring.  Thank you for sharing it with me."
LW (Carmel-By-The-Sea, Ca)


"Thank you so much, Dr. Mancuso. You have helped me more than you know. You are a very special woman. Thank you for giving to me your special time." 
JN (Monterey, Ca)


"Gabrielle has helped me find my goals and focus on them. I am now reaping the benefits of this, as I feel better in myself and have a better outlook on life."
WG (San Jose, Ca)


"Dear Gabrielle, I would just like to say a big thank you in helping me to beat my 20 a day habit. It is the best money I have ever spent. I feel so proud of myself and  my family is so happy. I had tried patches etc and you were my last resource. I had heard of some stories from individuals about hypnotherapy, and thought if it worked for them it would work for me. Once again a very big thank you to helping me beat my dirty habit."
KH (Carmel Valley, Ca)


"My brother recommended me coming to you and it was one of the best experiences of my life. It was an unforgettable session.  My life is back to normal, I feel no more guilt. So if anyone out there feels depressed or holds any guilt don't be afraid to do hypnotism, it  has given me back my life ." 
AP (Salinas, Ca)


"Earlier in the year as I could feel yet another cycle of depression coming on. Since I completed two sessions of hypnotherapy, I feel like a totally different person.  Many of my friends have commented on how much I seem to have changed, how much more happy I seem in general, and how much less things stress me out now, I totally recommend giving this a try."  
SV (Monterey, Ca)


"After one session with you, I can honestly say my life is totally different. My outlook, my attitude, my overall persona is now much more relaxed and at peace. I sleep better, I'm more motivated and in control of my emotions. I no longer let negative thoughts control how I feel. Actually, I don't even have many negative thoughts anymore. I'm too busy for that. Just a few weeks ago I was stuck indoors feeling weary, negative and out of control.  One session later,  I am a changed man.
JC (Monterey, Ca)


You were recommended to me through a friend who thought you  might be the one to persuade me back to singing in a choir after a long absence. I was a bit skeptical, but after only one session my mental blockage about reaching high notes was broken and I have just had a most enjoyable term, singing again. It really helped! Thank you Gabrielle." 
CF (Carmel Valley, Ca)


"Have some great feedback for you and have recommended two people to come and see you. I feel more able to define what I want and I've been able to choose the better of the two driving instructors so am learning much more about driving and am more confident. I've also been more organized at getting paperwork done and bills paid. I don't feel at this moment in time that I need a second appointment" 
MD (Carmel, Ca)


"My life has changed dramatically since I first contacted you, another stone on the road of life has been turned………… your guidance made me realize that I can do it.  You helped guide me.  If the you hadn't help me will myself  there... then I couldn't of done it... Thanks for all your help" 
AJ (Pacific Grove, Ca)


"I have never managed to diet for so long before. Now though I have lost 13 lbs and my enthusiasm is still strong, thank you Gabrielle." 
GR (Monterey, Ca)


"I came to your office to seek help with sexual anxiety. I quickly found that this was merely a symptom and went on to work on root causes of anxiety. Over a short period I have found that my mental attitude has become far more positive. This has given me real confidence in myself rather than the pretence of confidence that I previously exhibited. The change in me is very noticeable to others and lots of my friends and colleagues have commented on me being different in some way. The added confidence has benefited my relationships with others in that I am confident enough to really communicate." 
EE (Gilroy, Ca)


"Having failed my driving test for the third time through nerves, I decided to contact Dr. Mancuso before taking another test. After just two sessions with him, my nerves have abated, not only while driving but also when faced with other potentially nerve-wracking situations. I passed my test with flying colors and now feel ready for anything! I'm even looking forward to the next big challenge! My friends are already commenting how much calmer and less stressed I seem and I really feel that way, so thank you." KC (Monterey, Ca)

"I can confirm that I have now kicked the smoking habit and I feel so much better both physically and mentally for as you know I was seriously worried when I first attended your center. I can't say how grateful I am for your help. I am deeply grateful for the enormous help you have given me - Thank you" 
WP (San Jose, Ca)


"After just one session I now have the ideas and motivation to carry them out which is good. I seem to find myself just thinking differently without even realizing it. I find I am looking more positive on things which is also good. Its really weird, as if I feel myself getting a bit low I have a rather loud and overpowering voice say the positive things, and its not my usual inner talking voice !! Then I see the reasons clearly and feel more positive does that make sense?? I am finding that I do not set myself any unrealistic challenges, so if I achieve just only 1 thing during the day then that is something to be proud of, and I will not 'beat myself up' if I do not get every single thing done in the day that needs doing" 
SD (Big Sur., Ca)

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